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Nail Looks – January 2018

Hey everyone! Here’s the official wrap up of my January 2018 nail looks!

Week 1

This was the first week of 2018 and I wanted to come in like a cheetah, LOL! I was starting a new job and really wanted to come into my new space with strength and courage (and wisdom too!). I was inspired by one of my fabulous cheetah print tops:

I used Essie Polish Gel Couture in “To Have and To Gold”. The cheetah pattern was achieved with a nail stencil and black nail polish.

I REALLY love how this turned out!





Week 2

All sorts of things catch my attention and serve as inspiration for my nail looks. For week 2, the inspiration came from this little purple jar that I think I got from the Dollar Tree.

Although the colors I chose aren’t exactly the same as the jar, they’re a very pretty purple hue. I love how the glitter polish was very complimentary to the base color that I chose. It’s almost like they were made to go together.

The look came out very pretty! I will say that my index fingernail did not hold that glitter polish very well. I’m thinking glitter should stay on my pinkie nails from now on. I used nail stencils again to create the starry look. It was hard to get the stars very crisp. Sometimes stencils let you down, but I rocked my starry nails anyway. The sparkly color is “Divine Shine” and the base color is “Pamplona Purple”. The silver color is “My Silk Tie”.

Week 3

Rose gold has been all the rage for some time now. I’m a bit late to the game but I picked up some rose gold pumps from Steve Madden right before the holidays last year. I tell ya, these are one of my favorite pairs of shoes right now. They’re not the most comfortable, but they are SOOOO stylish. 

Imagine how excited I was to see that my new favorite nail polish brand had a rose gold polish!!! It’s such a pretty color!

My only bit of concern was what color to put the rose gold with! I decided on white and I think I made the right choice. The white background on my accent nail made the rose gold POP!  This polish wears very well. So well that I almost wore this nail look for two weeks straight. There were some chips, but so few that I was seriously considering wearing it for one more week. Most polish never lasts that long.

Week 4

I had a little fun on my Instagram page when I posted week 4’s nail look. The name of the line “Dirty Unicorns” made me wonder what the heck was a dirty unicorn exactly? I made a cute little meme and posted on my IG page:

The polish is by a brand called Nailsinc. I came across it in Sephora while shopping with my daughter. They had some AWESOME colors! Lots of glitter and holographic ones. There was one that I REALLY wanted but they didn’t have anymore. I hope I can pick it up one of these days, but this here color “Rainbow Hooves” is beautiful!

Week 5

For the final nail look of January, I came across a beautiful ring that I forgot I had! It has a very pretty cobalt blue stone on it.

I didn’t quite have a blue polish that matched the stone, but I happened to be a Sally Beauty Supply one day and you already know what happened…

I picked up these polishes from Orly in “Royal Navy” and “Halo” and quickly put together this very pretty look!


I LOVED all of the looks I came up with this month. Which one is your favorite? Please let me know in the comment section.



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