I’ve been trying to do a giveaway since my birthday (last September)! Time just moved so quickly and by the time I looked up, it was 2018!!! I finally got myself together and I’m ready to hook 3 of you all with some really cool stuff!

There are a LOT of things that I can say that I absolutely love, but I picked three things for this giveaway:


You all know I absolutely LOVE nail polish. I paint my nails every week and I’m sure I have at least 100 bottles of  nail polish in my collection. But one brand has recently stolen my heart and I want to share it with you all! Shai’s World has some amazing polish! It is very durable and doesn’t chip as much as other brands. I kid you not, I was about to wear my Rose Gold polish for TWO WEEKS and I was okay with doing so because there was little to no chipping. The thing I love MOST about this polish is that the owner is a teenager from Southern California.

The gift box will include the Valentine’s Day Combo set.




I was never really a candle person but over the last year I’ve been gifted some really nice candles! Over the holiday shopping season I met Zakia, the owner of Hot Thang Candles. The name alone made it a favorite for me! LOL! Of all the scents, I love BLUE LAVENDER the most! The cool thing about the candles is that the melted “wax” can be used as a body oil! Don’t you love when a thing has more than one use?

Each winner will receive one Blue Lavender candle.


I am a lover of a mug full of hot chai, chamomile, or lemon tea. I can easily drink 3 or 4 cups of tea in a day. What better way to enjoy tea than in this awesome customized Style Vicksen mug!!!!


I MIGHT throw in some other stuff too if I’m feeling especially loving in this V-day season! So, if you’re interested, enter the contest here!


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