My Super Cool Experience at the Universal Standard Pop-Up!

Last month my awesome friend and fellow blogger Lilian (@lilian.barillas on IG) invited me to a Pop-Up event for Universal Standard at the new Nordstrom Century City. I was a little familiar with the brand, but definitely wanted to learn more. I was so glad she invited me! We met up at the mall and made our way upstairs to Encore where the Pop-Up was happening.

We were greeted by two awesome ladies that showed us all of the goodies! Lilian had been before so she was an expert at that point. It was great to have her there to give tips and suggestions on style and sizing. Oh, and the employees were SUPER helpful! I forgot how awesome and fancified Nordstrom is.  Here are some photos from that day:


I just got word that the lovely and fabulous Danielle Brooks just launched her capsule collection with Universal Standard so I had to share photos of what I purchased that wonderful day back in October. I couldn’t go too crazy because the clothes are not cheap, but I definitely got some great pieces:

To be honest, when they handed me these ankle length jeans (Meuse Resin Jeans) with the funny shiny finish on them, I HATED them. I was like “what in the world?”. Turns out I had the wrong size on. I went a size down and then I could see the vision. I understood! The world opened up! LMAO! The jeans fit so well! They are nice and stretchy and are true to size.

I paired the jeans with the Equator Zip Pullover in Black. It’s so comfy! 

You all NEVER see me in tennis shoes or any kind of sporty shoe. That’s because I’m just not a sporty lady. I’m a girly lady. LMAO! But when I purchased the Misa Dress I thought, this would be so cute with a pair of sporty shoes! So off I went to go find a pair of sporty shoes.

I also HAD to put my heels on too!


What do you think of the items I bought? Have you heard of or tried on items from Universal Standard?

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