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Nail Look of the Week – Zesty Zoya Nails 10/8/17

Yesterday I went to a great event hosted by an awesome friend and mentor, Natasha McCrea. I promise you I was paying attention, but I couldn’t help but notice her bomb purple nails! They were a deep purple with what looked to be a chrome finish. I thought to myself, “I know I gotta have a purple close enough to that. Let me check my stash at home”.

I looked on the shelf that holds my purple polish and noticed I had quite a few purples, but I knew this purple by Zoya would be the one for the week.

Sad to say, I only have one bottle of Zoya polish and I really don’t know why! This color I’m wearing this week, Yasmeen, has been in my polish collection for YEARS! I guess I have some catching up to do with this nail polish brand. Don’t worry, I will get it together. Y’all know how much I love nail polish!

I decided to use a nail stencil for my accent nail. I’m giving the water decals a rest for a minute. I used a light purple metallic color called “Nothing Else Metals” from Essie as the base color and ombred Yasmeen and a gold color from an old “Sephora by OPI” gift set on top.

What do you all think about my choice of purple? Let me know in the comment section!

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