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Nail Look of the Week – Mellow Yellow! 10/01/17

Hi all,

This week I had someone else do my nails for me! I was actually having a moment trying to decide if I should allow it, but I am glad I did. Here’s the story…

On September 30, I attended an event called “Headwraps in the Park” in Downtown Los Angeles. It was AWESOME! There were vendors selling headwraps, clothes, art, jewelry, and all sorts of things.

Me with my headwrap on that I bought at the event!

I was making my way around to all the vendors when I saw a lady named Robin doing nail art! She was offering nail art based on African cloth designs, which was really cool! So, I started talking to her and trying to convince myself to let her do my nails (it was hard y’all, cause I’m the one that does my nails. LOL!). I finally gave in and I’m so glad I did! For one thing, she saved me some time! I didn’t have to do my nails this week (yay!) and secondly, the design she created was super cool!

Nail art menu taken from Robin’s Instagram account “”

She used OPI Infinite Shine polish, which is one of my FAVORITES! We settled on the color “Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet”

Robin holding the bottle of nail polish we used

I picked the design in the back of the Instagram photo I posted above, but I asked her to switch out the blue for red (the blue looked too close to UCLA colors and I went to USC, lol!). I LOVE how they turned out!

Oh, and I forgot to mention she makes super cute pins with her partner under the name The Pin Twins! Peep the cute pin in my photos!

What do y’all think of my nail look this week? Let me know in the comments!



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