Fall Look Book – The So Cal Edition!

Hey all!

I FINALLY got myself in the spirit for fall! It took a minute because I was still holding on to my swimsuits! I got my mind right and have embraced the new season. I think my birthday falling on the first day of fall helped a WHOLE lot in getting me in the mood. Because of this I was inspired to put together a look book (yay)!

This is my first attempt at a look book! I have seen other fabulous bloggers put out look books so I decided to give it a shot! It’s full of fall looks that I will be wearing this season  It’s definitely very SoCal in nature. What does that mean? Well, if you’re from here you know that we don’t really have seasons. We have summer and summer 2.0 and that’s it. We MIGHT see a tad bit of rain in December-February, but that’s all the weather we really get around here. This is why you won’t see heavy coats or other “typical” fall stuff in this look book, lol! We still wear white sometimes around these parts in the fall!

Anywho, I really hope you enjoy my first attempt at a lookbook! Please let me know what you think of all the pieces I selected!

Click here (StyleVicksenLookBook_Fall2017 (3) ) to access my look book!





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