“What Am I Wearing Wednesday” – Blue and Black Courtesy of Gwynnie Bee

Hey there my good friends! We’re here for another episode of “What Am I Wearing Wednesday”! Today I am wearing a super cute short sleeve crepe colorblock sheath dress from one of my new favorite brands, Tahari ASL. They’ve been around a while of course, but they’re new to me and I love their clothes!

I don’t usually do sheath dresses because for them to fit in the hips, the dress is usually too big at the top. This dress fits pretty good, but it does fit a bit loose at the top. I am wondering if I could have sized down, but I doubt it. The fit would have been too tight in the hips.

I’m also a bit leery about how they did the color blocking. If you look closely, the lines go outward near the hip area, which could draw some unwanted attention to the hips. Other than that, I think the dress is cute! It’s stretchy and lined, which is a great thing! I’m not convinced that this shade of blue is the best for my skin tone, but the dress is very well made.



What do y’all think? Is this dress a yes or a no?

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