Swimwear at the END of the Summer Season?? Where They Do That At?

Hey y’all, Let’s talk about swimwear! I know it’s almost fall but I didn’t get a chance to get my swimsuit photos together until now. Plus, I’m in Southern California so summer isn’t really over until October. As a matter of fact, we’ve been having a crazy heatwave and it’s already September! I have three new swimsuits that I hope to wear for the next few months and in aqua aerobics class, LOL!

The first two are from a Los Angeles based company called Gyv Me Body. I LOVE the owner and the wonderful swimwear she creates. Earlier this year I auditioned to be one of her models! I didn’t make the cut, but ended up buying two of her swimsuits. LOL!

The first one is my FAVORITE! It’s a beautiful hot pink bikini with a cool faux crocodile or snakeskin fabric. It’s SOOO cute! The top has cool detailing with crisscrossed straps. I LOVE IT!


The second one from Gyv Me Body is a animal print like one piece. It has a cool belt across the waist. I love this one a LOT! Very easy to wear!



The last one was a prize I won from Becca Etc. This suit is SOOO pretty! It’s a floral pattern against a mint green background:


Which suit is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below?

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