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“What Am I Wearing Wednesday” and a Special Announcement!

Today I am wearing a GORGEOUS skirt with little birdies on it from Society Plus by way of Gwynnie Bee!

In my last fashion/style post I mentioned that Society Plus was new to me and I was in love with the polka dot Midington skirt I received. I wore it on the first day of class AND to a guest lecture the same day and received MANY compliments!

This skirt I have on today is the CHIFFON Midington skirt in a crane print. This skirt is AWESOME! From the elastic waistband (in the back) to the pockets, this skirt is on POINT!

Their sizing is awesome! My polka dot Midington Skirt is a bit too big in the waist, but the chiffon one fits perfectly! I went simple and paired it with a black top and black pumps.

I am NOW a straight up Society Plus fan! Remember, use promo code stylevicksen10skirt to get savings on any skirt on their site!

*************************************************************************Now, on to the super exciting news! I have been an avid Gwynnie Bee member since July 2015. Since then I have thoroughly enjoyed filling my virtual closet with the awesome selections they provide. There have definitely been ups and downs with some of the selections, and even super cute items that I stupidly sent back, but overall, I’ve had a GREAT time.

It just occurred to me recently to apply to the Gwynnie Bee affiliate program and I am happy to say that I was accepted! It’s so awesome to be able to work with a company that I truly love! Stay tuned for updates on this new endeavor. I’m super excited!


I’m thinking I shold keep this awesome skirt. What y’all think? Let me know in the comments.

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