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Nail Look of the Week – 8/6/17

This week’s nail look of the week features China Glaze nail polish again. Last week I featured a pretty chocolate brown polish from them. This week is a pretty frosty coppery brown color called “Your Touch”.

I remember LOVING frosty colors back in high school. Soon after I went through a phase where I preferred flat colors. Currently, I strike a balance between the two. I now see the beauty in both types of polish colors, LOL!

The description says coppery brown, but I see a rosy-ness to the color as well. In any event, I added a rose nail stamp to my accent nail. I had the HARDEST time getting the nail stamp to work. I’m sure I wasted a lot of black stamping polish. It was very frustrating! If anyone has tips on nail stamping, please let me know.

I guess I’m subconsciously transitioning to fall, since this color and the last one were definitely fall colors. Sigh, I’m so not ready for summer to be over, but it is what it is!

Let me know what you think of the color down in the comment box!

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