“What Am I Wearing Wednesday” – Going Floral for August!

Not sure if y’all knew this, but I LOVE pencil skirts! Ever since I read somewhere that pencil skirts look good on pear shapes, I was SOLD! Today, I am rocking a floral pencil skirt. I love florals, but I’ve never really messed with a floral pencil skirt before, so this is definitely a first for me. There are a few tips and tricks that I employ when deciding if a pencil skirt is right for me:

  1. Fabric is everything. If a pencil skirt fabric is too thin, I will typically pass on it. The fabric needs to have enough weight in order to sufficiently cover my lumps and bumps so that I am work appropriate. There are a few instances where I’ve picked a thinner fabric pencil skirt and it’s worked well, but it doesn’t happen often and those skirts are usually skirts that I wear on the weekend.
  2. Size up. Because I’m hippy, I think it’s important to go up a size or two when buying pencil skirts, especially for work. Trust me, if you’re bottom heavy, the skirt will not look too big or lose it’s shape. This works best on skirts that are stretchy
  3. Don’t be scared to pull your skirt up high on your waist! I almost always wear my pencil skirts high on my waist. I have a short waist anyway, so they tend to look better that way. One of my good friends hates that I do it, but oh well, lol!


Here’s the outfit I have on today! Skirt is courtesy of… Rainbow Shops. Yes, I went BACK in there last week and ended up with this skirt (and some other stuff).

I kept it pretty simple this week. I paired the skirt with a black tank and a black blazer. I was HOPING that I had a pink or even green sweater to match the pattern, but I didn’t. I wanted to lighten the look up a little bit, but I didn’t have the proper pieces (womp womp).

I really love this skirt! It’s inexpensive, but it looks REALLY good and workplace professional. I think this is awesome for anyone that needs to look professional for a little bit of money OR for someone that wants to try something different and not shell out a lot of money for trendy pieces.

Me laughing because I got a cute skirt for a good price!

What y’all think about my cheap and chic skirt? Let me know in the comment section!

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