Subcription Box: Sassy Swing Dress from Gwynnie Bee

I got a new box from Gwynnie Bee! In this box was the top part of a 2 piece outfit (I received and ended up purchasing the skirt in a previous box) …

Top: pics of the skirt from the previous Gwynnie Bee box. Bottom: picture of complete outfit (including top that was included in the recent box)


…and a GORGEOUS dress with a parisian feel:

The dress is from City Chic. It’s a cute sleeveless stretch cotton fit-and-flare dress. One of things that I really liked about it was the adjustable shoulder straps. Sometimes straps are too long on me, so the fact that they were adjustable was a nice touch. The other thing I really appreciated was the smocked back panel. Because the front didn’t unbutton, the dress had to slip on over my head. If that back hadn’t been stretchy, it would have been a struggle to put on.  Oh, and it has POCKETS!

I LOVE this dress! It has a nice full skirt (with pockets) and a nice structured bodice. I’m not a huge fan of the pattern but it’s definitely cute and classy!

I was so stoked when Gwynnie Bee featured a photo of the outfit on their IG account! I love taking pictures of my awesome fashion finds, so it was really nice to have it reposted!

I ultimately sent the dress back. As cute as it was, I wasn’t a huge fan of the pattern. The other major barrier was the cost. It was a bit too pricey for me at the time. However, I REALLY enjoyed wearing it!

What do you think of the dress? Let me know in the comments!

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