Will the Third Time Be the Charm? My Recent Dia & Co Unboxing

Last week I got my third Dia and Co Box! I was excited but I was also a bit nervous. For those of you that have been following my blog for a while, you would know that I was NOT happy with my 2nd Dia & Co box (see video here). So it was understandable that I was a bit apprehensive.

Check out the video of my 3rd Dia and Co unboxing!


In case you don’t feel like watching the video: this time around I received 2 dresses, a maxi skirt, a top, and a denim jacket. I’ll give my brief impressions of each item.

ITEM #1 Coral dress

This item was first in the box. When I opened it all I saw was coral and I was so happy! The fabric was so light and airy and I loved the flutter sleeves. I was very excited to try the dress on and it did NOT disappoint! Do y’all see this fit and flare dress doing the most? It’s BEAUTIFUL!

Items #2 and 3


I will admit, I wasn’t too happy about the maxi skirt. It’s not that I don’t like maxi skirts, I didn’t want one at the moment. Plus, I didn’t like the ruffle at the bottom. However, I was VERY excited to see the denim jacket. As I mentioned in the video, I have one already, but it’s lighter in color than I would like. This one was perfect! As you can see, the skirt and the jacket work very well together, so I guess the skirt wasn’t so bad after all.


Item #4

I was starting to feel like this box was “Ruffle Town”. The dress had flutter/ruffle sleeves, the skirt had a ruffle at the bottom. Then I see this top with a ruffle at the bottom. LOL! Ruffles, ruffles, everywhere! At first glance I thought the top was cute, but wasn’t super interested in it. But then I tried it on and it was really cute! I was most worried that the bottom hem wouldn’t clear my hips, but it did with just a teeny tiny bit of room to spare. LOL!


Item #5

This dress RIGHT HERE??!!! Taught me a lesson about life. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the dress when I first pulled it out of the box. I like maxi dresses in general and I LOVED the detailing at the top of the dress, but I didn’t like the stuff across the bottom! I was like “why they do that?”. But then I put it on! OH BOY!!!! I was like “oh, my bad”. LOL! This dress SHOWED ME!


So, can you guess which item(s) I kept? I will reveal the answer on 7/26 bright in early in the morning. I’d love to hear what you think I ended up with!


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