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Nail Look of the Week – 7/9/17 – Gorgeous Gradient Nails

About a week ago I scrolled past a post by @sammersaurus on Instagram and my heart skipped a beat! The photo was highlighting a new blog post she put up about gradient nails. I was drawn to a particular nail look that was dead center in the photo. It was such a pretty gradient with pink and turquoise/teal.

A screenshot of The Nailasaurus blog post


I immediately went to the blog post and read up on the beautiful nail looks she had come up with. I wanted to try it for myself. I decided to try the “High Contrast” look that she shared on the blog post:

This is what I came up with!


I used OPI  “Pink Flamenco” and “Amazon…Amazoff” to create my gradient nails.


I will admit, I made a big ol’ mess with this technique. I have done ombre/gradient nails before, but I usually put the polish directly on the sponge. This time I wanted to try the technique outlined in the blog post.  I poured the polish on to foil (and of course I poured WAY too much, lol!) and used a sponge to dip into the polish and on my nails. I think next time I will just put the polish directly on the sponge. I’m too messy and clumsy to do it the other way.

My nails didn’t come out exactly like on the blog post, but I like them! The only downside is that I have so many coats of polish on. We’ll see how it wears during the week.

What do you think? Did I “nail” it? LOL! Have you tried gradient nails? If not, will you? Let me know in the comments!


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