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Of Daisies and Dots: My Experience with Dia & Co Box #2

A couple of weeks ago I got my 2nd Dia & Co box! I posted a video about it on YouTube and have also included it here:




As you can tell, this box was a mixed bag. For one, I’m STILL getting used to Dia & Co. As I mentioned before, I REALLY love Gwynnie Bee. The two companies are totally different, so it’s taking me some time to get used to. For those that don’t know, Gwynnie Bee is more like a clothing rental company. Clothes come to you and you can wear them any and everywhere and as many times as you want before sending them back. Or, if you REALLY like what was sent, you can purchase the item. Dia & Co is more like a personal shopping service. You get NEW clothes sent to you. You’re supposed to try them on and buy the items you like. At THAT point you can wear them whenever and wherever you want (because you own them!). Hope that helps clarify things.

So, let’s get into what was sent to me:

The first item I pulled out of the box was a HUGE no for me. Like, HUGE. Like, super YUGE. They were ankle pants, which I really love very much. But, they had daisies on them. Yes, I said daisies.

To be honest they reminded me of pajamas. In hindsight, I should have tried to work with them, but they were too small in the waist, so I didn’t really put much effort into trying to make it happen, as Β I’m sure you can see in the picture above.

The second item was a really cute lace top. I wouldn’t normally pick it for myself, but I could see the potential in it. I would have kept it, but I was trying to be budget conscious this time around:

The next item was a pretty color! I loved the pink! I also loved the cold shoulder/off the shoulder look of the top. I felt like the top was too big though and the sleeves weren’t my favorite:

This next look was definitely something different! I am used to wearing black and white but this dress was white and black (there is a difference)! I also was a bit unsure because the dress was a shift dress and I typically don’t wear this style of dress because of my shape. It was kinda cute, but it being white made me nervous. I could see myself spilling grape juice on it.

The last item was a pair of AWESOME skinny jeans from Kut from the Kloth. The funny thing is I had just been talking with my good friend about this brand of jeans a few days prior. The pics don’t do the jeans justice but they were DEFINITELY a must keep item. The jeans were the only thing I kept from my second Dia & Co box:

What item(s) did you like the most? The least? If you’ve used Dia & Co before, what was your experience?

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