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Rainbow, Come Through!! Check out my most recent Plus Size Mini-Haul

Somebody, please hook me up with the folks at Rainbow Shops. I need to work with them. If you know anybody that works there, please give them my contact information!  I love that their clothes are inexpensive AND you can look current. No worries at all about looking cheap, you just have to know how to mix high and low pieces to get the look you want. To check out my love affair with Rainbow, check out my previous blog post here.

On my most recent trip I went with my daughter Andrea. We went to a different location from the one I usually go to (which is down the street from my home).  I wanted to see if there was a different selection. One thing I noticed was that it was a little tight in there. I could barely move around! Kinda strange, especially in the plus size section. It was definitely a chore to navigate, but we made it happen.

The first thing I picked up was a pretty pink tulle skirt. Yes, I know I’m on the late freight with tulle skirts but I don’t care. I wear what I want whether it’s “in style” or not (and you should too)! I secretly wished the skirt was black, but I figured I could make the pink work.

Check out the three looks I came up with using my new tutu/tulle skirt!

Look #1

I wanted to try a casual look so I paired the skirt with my white “Style Vicksen” t-shirt and a denim jacket. I put on my super awesome rose gold pumps from Steve Madden to finish off the look.

Look #2

To “toughen” up the skirt a bit I put on a very cute cold shoulder top with a cool laced up detail in the front. The top is from Rainbow as well. I really like cold shoulder tops. If you absolutely don’t want to show your arms you can throw on a cold shoulder top and still show a little bit of skin.  This would be a cute date night outfit.

Look #3

What better thing to pair with a pink skirt than a cutesy floral top! I love the choker effect at the neckline of this dress. It just makes it so pretty AND sexy at the same time.


Look #4

Guess what? That floral top isn’t a top at all! It’s a body con dress! You can always use your body cons as tops under skirts. This dress will also look good under a black blazer.

Look #5

This top is so versatile! It’s a sort of cross between a sweatshirt and a sweater. I love the choker detail too! It can be worn with jeans or with a pencil skirt. I paired it with a pleather pencil skirt and a stretchy belt.


Look #6

The last item is this simple gray t-shirt. It’s cute because it has a pocket and details on the sleeves. I paired it with my boyfriend jeans and my gray booties I’ve had forever and ever.


Well, that’s it! I totally forgot to include my sparkly flats in this photo shoot, but if you follow me on Instagram you will see a post of all my recent shoe finds. The sparkly flats are included there.

I really enjoyed sharing these looks with you all. This was also my first photo shoot done solo! Let me tell ya, it was CRAZY trying to get the right light (I still have lots to learn in this area), position the camera correctly, and change my clothes. I made it work though! I am now a pro at changing clothes in public without showing any of my “special parts”, LOL!

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