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5th (and final?) Dia & Co Box

Sorry for the delay in getting this unboxing video out. I received it last month but just now set aside time to edit the video and post it.


If you’ve been rolling with me for a bit, you know I’ve been checking out a few subscription clothing services catered to plus size women. This is my fifth box with Dia & Co and to be be honest, I think I will be suspending my subscription. I definitely love the concept, but I don’t think it works for me. Anywho, I hope the video was helpful in some way to you all. In case you don’t get around to watching it, here are the items I received and my thoughts!



Olive green is one of my favorite colors. However, this top doesn’t really work for me. The tie at the hip does nothing to flatter my pear shaped body.

 It was a little snug around the hip area, which is a huge no-no. I think this would look better on someone with a little less curve than I have. LOL!



I just wasn’t feeling this shirt. The pattern and the colors didn’t just work for me. I love the cold shoulders though.


This dress is cuter than I thought it would be! The sleeves were really cute because they kinda did the cold shoulder thingy but all the way down the arm. The main reason I sent it back was because one of the sleeves was damaged 🙁


These pants were really nice! I actually regret sending them back. I usually wear ankle pants but these pants are very cute and they fit really well. I would have liked them to be just a bit longer since I like to wear high heels with my pants.


What do you guys think? Was I wrong to send the whole box back? Is there anything I should have kept? Let me know in the comments.

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